10 Daily Habits Practiced by High Performance Entrepreneurs

High performance entrepreneurs have many daily habits. They analyze those habits and delete/create new ones that serve them better. Like a high performance engine that needs to be constantly tweaked to get the fastest speed, entrepreneurs always work on themselves. Here are ten daily habits you need to have now.

  1. Drop multi-tasking if that is a current habit. Switch to focusing on one task, one goal that moves you forward.
  2. Make sure to stay out the comfort zone. Once you dwell there, everything will go downhill. Do things that make you uncomfortable but will propel you forward.
  3. Make that schedule and keep it. When you schedule things and allow distractions, you will look back and believe that you are not able to be a peak performer. Keeping your schedule and even putting a gold star for being on top of it, will elevate your confidence.
  4. Manage your emails. Peak performers make sure that they have systems in place that ensure they are not wasting time. One such idea is clearing your inbox daily. Never let it build up and overwhelm you.
  5.  Put your body and mind in neutral at some point in your day. Both need to recharge. For your body, lay on your back with your feet up on a chair, so that your lower back is flat against the ground. This is a neutral position and takes the pressure off. Put on headphones and play background noise like waves crashing on the beach. Do this between 15 to 30 minutes per day. The perfect time for this is around noon when you would normally be spending time eating lunch and perhaps wasting time shopping or chatting up friends. 
  6. Before you retire for the night, review your day. Ask yourself questions about what went right and how did somethings go sideways? Come up with solutions to avoid having issues the next day. Decide what is your most difficult task for the next day? As you begin to sleep, remind yourself you will conquer that task first thing in the morning like a champion. Do not allow negative thoughts about the task, to enter your mind. You must act like you are a dragon slayer with the sharpest sword every made. Even a fire breathing dragon bows before you.
  7. You need challenges. That is how you thrive as a peak performing entrepreneur. Always up your exercise game and add new things. Challenge yourself to do things you had never considered before. For instance many people avoid picking up the phone and calling, whether it is a warm call or the dreaded cold call. There is a saying, “no one ever died from making a cold call.” You need to do the tough things to grow.
  8. Watch your vocabulary. Entrepreneurs who excel, avoid words like “but,” and “I can’t.” They realize those are dream killers. Instead they look to improve their vocabulary and some even actively search for new words that serve them. Keeping tracking of your vocabulary, also means eliminating thinking in negative words. Once you allow yourself to think, “but,” you open yourself up to a running internal dialogue that doesn’t serve you.
  9. Make your task lists. Peak performers have lists and delegate or eliminate un-productive tasks. They get immense satisfaction by crossing off something on their task list and at the end of the day, when it is all clear.
  10. Creativity is what makes high performance entrepreneurs special. Look for ways to increase your creativity. If you have lost that creative spark, start by taking a course that requires you to show creativity. There are courses on photography, creative writing and even making video games or apps.

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