Fresh Start for 2020

Was this year not as you expected?

Life seems to be getting to the point of stress and overwhelm. Let’s get 2020 off to a great start with some preparation now.

The key is taking time out of your business to assess, measure and plan for the next twelve months. So many business owners just make decisions as they go and hope for the best.

Someone can be in a situation and have completely different outcomes because they have been able to step out of the stress to make better life decisions.


Leave with a marketing plan for the first six months of the year so you are ready to go from 1 January 2020.

Design a clear path forward for the year so you can grow your business in a sustainable way and ensure your business is manageable and you are in control.

March 2023

Stop struggling. Do this instead. 

Want To Have Your Best Year Ever? Forget About Marketing and Do this First…

Tell me if this sounds like you…

You launched your business with big dreams. Vacations in the tropics. Time spent with the kids. Helping your clients change their lives (and maybe even the world). 

But then, something happened. Suddenly, you’re working more than you did when you had a day job. Your family rarely sees you. And while your clients are certainly happy with your guidance, you know there’s so much more that you could be doing for them…if only you had the time. 

What went wrong? 

Nothing, really. This is actually a pretty typical path for new entrepreneurs to take. But the problem is, if you continue along this way, you’ll very quickly burn out. Do that, and you won’t be able to serve anyone well—most of all yourself. 

See, the problem is, you don’t have clear goals and a workable plan to get there. 

On Thursday 19th December I’m hosting a brand new, free workshop called “Want To Have Your Best Year Ever? Forget About Marketing and Do this First…” In this short, action-oriented workshop, you’ll discover exactly what it takes to finally turn your business dreams into reality. 

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I can’t promise that my strategy will help you earn a million dollars while you lounge on a beach (although it might), but I can promise you this: unless something changes, you’ll still be struggling a year from now—and neither one of us wants that. Join me on Thursday 19th December @10am and build a better future