Fine Tune Your Health and Habits for Peak Performance

You have to treat your body like a high performance racing car. To get your racing car into the winners circle, it needs to fine-tuned, as in the engine is perfect and you have the right type of tyres on.

The first thing to do, is sit down with a pen and paper because you need to monitor your body for any issues. Once you identify the possible issues, you look for the solution to fix them.
We will go through some examples and possible solutions to what you may be experiencing.
Many people suffer from frequent headaches and the causes may be stress, the wrong type of pillow or needing physical therapy in the neck area. Talking to your doctor can provide the answers you need.

If depression is an issue, you need to banish it in order to be a peak performer. Write down what may causing the depression. Do you believe you may have a chemical imbalance? If so, consult your doctor. Perhaps there are issues in your life, which if you addressed them now, would lessen or erase the issue.

When you are having digestive problems or are overweight and you know this will hold you back from being a peak performer, take action. Find a solution for the digestion problem. Look closely at how you should be eating and come up with a meal plan.

There are many things that you can just eliminate from your diet which will certainly improve your performance. Look at dropping the sugar from your diet. That means no soft drink, chips, donuts or adding refined white sugar to your coffee. In fact, you should buy coffee beans that are to your taste and allow you to drink your coffee black.

Now it is time to think about your habits. Make a list of habits that are holding you back. These are habits that you know in your heart, do not serve you. Are you watching too much news either on television or in your social media feeds? The negativity will definitely have a dramatic effect on your brain.

Replace the news with positive self-help and self-development books. Pick books or audios that are going to propel your personal peak performance to the moon and back.

Peak performers are masters at breathing. Proper breathing techniques, lower stress and blood pressure. When you power breath, it brings more oxygen into the lungs to be passed on to the brain. Your brain will function at peak levels, if you keep it healthy by power breathing and exercise.

All peak performers master a form of exercise that suits their lifestyle and time commitments. Many use yoga and stretching as the base for their exercise platform. A great habit for you to form, is get into yoga and then another exercise that you are passionate about, like tennis or swimming.

Putting pen to paper is so much better than doing it on a computer. Your brain makes a stronger connection to what you desire, when your hand actually physically writes it out.To be a peak performer, you need to write proper to do lists, for starters. Add to that a gratitude journal because you have so much to be thankful for.

Writing in your gratitude journal every day, signals to the universe that you are happy and you want more of the things that make you happy…to enter your life. Get a creativity journal to write in as well. Some of the amazing things you will do in life as a peak performer, will come from the creative spark you had and put to paper.

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